• badge-brand.pngMaryland workers’ comp lawyer John Hall handled more workers’ comp awards from the beginning of 2011 through the middle of 2012 than any other attorney in the state. In total, Hall handled 1753 awards, representing more than $30 million dollars for injured workers.In addition to the volume of success Hall has experienced, he has a number of other superlatives.  John Hall obtained the highest stipulation or PPD award for all back injury cases.  The award was more than $350,000.  Hall also has the third highest hypertension stipulation and the second highest hypertension final settlement award.  Other awards at the top or near the top of the list for their respective injuries include combination shoulder and arm injuries, combination back and hip injuries, combination neck and spinal injuries, ring finger injuries, combination wrist and hand injuries, and others.  Notably, Hall has all three of the three highest awards for hernia stipulations.John Hall handled the second most awards in cases against the State of Maryland, and the most against Prince George’s County and Anne Arundel County.  Prince George’s County schools, WMATA, Calvert County Commissioners, Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire Dept., Federal Express Corp., Charles County Commissioners, and the cities of Annapolis, Laurel, Hyattsville, Greenbelt, and Bowie all have multiple injured worker clients of Mr. Hall.

    View various directory listings to compare lawyers.  All statistics come from the Comp Pinkbook, a listing of real workers’ compensation cases from Maryland for the time period from the beginning of 2011 through the end of June 2012.  The best comp lawyers in Maryland and the worst are listed, as is most everyone in between.